Updating a deployment share mdt

I like option two, besides a leaner image that’s just windows, updates and office can go anywhere if the vast majority of applications are installed “automagically” only when YOU say, its a beautiful thing.

Some take just a mere second, and some like dotnet framework updates can take several minutes, and when those updates are done, they need updates. When the State Restore phase starts the windows update, it’s calling to a script called ZTIWindows

Info on the Hot Fix Rollup: Add a step in the task sequence to install the latest version of IE BEFORE patching starts.

This really helps because that way you’re not upgrading to IE 9, patching and then upgrading to 10, patching, and then upgrading to 11, and yes, then doing more patching.

Office 2010 (64bit) See Also: is it better to let a task sequence install software instead of including it on the image to start with?

” Answer: Ideally you want to have one and only one image, the less apps you have in the images, the easier it is to do this.

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Block updates you don’t need, I don’t think you really need the Bing Toolbar, so block the ones you don’t need in the file.

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